Coach Profile Submission

Do you want to be listed where potential clients in Jakarta look for coaches with ICF credibility? Showcase your Coach Profile on the ICF Jakarta website. Coaches listed are Professional Coaches who have completed a minimum of 60 hours of Coach-specific Training.

The Coach Profile listing is exclusively for trained or credentialed ICF Jakarta Chapter members, and only as long as they remain members. If the current year’s membership fee is not paid, the listing will be deleted.


Please send via WhatsApp +6287887866125 (on Saturday) per the requested information and documents below:

Profile Coach

Please submit according to the specifications listed below:
a) Full name (with ICF credential, if any) and WhatsApp number.
b) E-mail address or Personal website.
c) Personal description/roles/occupation limited to 300 words only.
d) 1 photo in jpeg file, dimensions: width -100 pixels, height – 120 pixels.